3 Tips for Selecting a Topic for SEO-focused Content

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Let’s face it. SEO tactics that used to work a couple of years ago do not work anymore. SEO still operates, however. It also remains the predominant source of organic traffic. So, what’s been changing? Basically, SEO now needs to take user intent into account more than ever before.

Smarter strategies are now used by an SEO specialist or SEO consultant rather than merely stuffing a high-volume keyword into the average content. The SEO enhancement process begins with the discovery of the right keywords and topics for content development. If you are doing your own SEO or recruiting a digital marketing firm for the task, consider using the tactics below to find the correct topic.

(1) Identify the volume of the search

First things first, you need to pick a keyword or key phrase with a high volume. With a keyword analysis app, such as SECockpit, Moz Keyword Explorer, Google Keyword Planner, Jaaxy, and Ahrefs Keywords Explorer, you can easily do it. In your favorite keyword explorer, just enter a related keyword and within seconds you’ll find hundreds of ideas. Today, in terms of monthly search length, the job is to sort certain keywords. With a plugin, most of the keyword analysis resources come with a minimum monthly search volume collection. You can search for keywords with a minimum search volume of 500, for instance. However, it’s not enough to pick some high-volume keywords. You should also consider the competition level of that keyword.

(2) Find the difficulty keyword

Many keyword explorer tools give you an estimation of the complexity level for a given keyword rating. In other words, the keyword complexity filter helps you to differentiate high-competition keywords from low-competition keywords. At this point, try to find a keyword with high or reasonable search volumes but low competition.

(3) Find Significance

Finally, narrow down the quest on the basis of how important the subject is to your audience. You want to pick a subject that corresponds specifically to the problem you solve. That way, you’re going to have a high chance of translating the traffic on the website into sales.


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