The Reality A Professional SEO Often Faces

In the SEO world, “The more changes occur, the more they change.” Many SEO practitioners who complain that they often have to face problems that can not be ascertained from a change, whether from search engines or their own clients.

In general some of the obstacles that are often experienced by SEO practitioners are as follows:

1. SEO Is Something Complex and Always Changing

There are many guides or most-do for SEO out there that have not changed, but the most often feared by SEO practitioners is when they are still doing the same thing, but Google considers it already lagging and has no impact.

Many say that there is no certain strategy for its usefulness. One day there must be a new strategy that will replace it.

But there are worse things, as Jairus Mitchell said, “things that we thought would work, apparently did not work for the reasons we think”.

That is, the algorithm of a search engine is very complex, and any change in the future variables will reach an unlimited number.

Ignoring ths complexity can lead to problems for SEOs that are carried out if you feel too confident that one thing done will bring results.

2. Can We Trust Google?

Many SEO practitioners find it difficult to believe that Google spokespeople are telling the truth or that they know the truth.

Many feel that Google’s statement is a bit unclear and causes confusion in the industry.

But Google is not a democracy, they can do anything with search results.

3. SEO Practitioners themselves are something to blame

In contrast to practitioners who blame Google, there are some practitioners who actually make themselves go crazy. Brian Harnish said “most SEO practitioners don’t want to go through the difficult process of cleaning up their own bad link profile.”

Another problem is when SEO practitioners find it difficult to communicate with developers. There are also those who argue that many practitioners waste time doing “trivial” things.

4. Explaining SEO To Clients or Bosses is Very Difficult

The next challenge is explaining what SEO is to your clients, especially explaining ROI in SEO.

The characteristics of a good client are clients who can realize the importance of a value from investment, while a bad client is a client who asks for an answer as quickly as possible based on the results of an unethical strategy.

5. SEO Is Not A Beginning

Many SEO practitioners are aware that trying to position SEO as the only solution in a digital marketing strategy is not the right thing.

Even Jeremy Rivera said that not all businesses must / can invest in SEO directly, there are more suitable channels for them to invest, such as paid ads.

Because SEO today is very different from SEO 10 years ago, there are many changes that make SEO not as effective as it used to be.

Plus, many clients assume that the results of “ranking 1” is not an actual achievement, they are more concerned with conversions that can bring more “tangible” benefits. This is why the reality of professional SEO must be known.

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