3 Types of Keywords that you can use for SEO Performance

The value of selecting the best keywords for your SEO campaign cannot be emphasized enough. After all, the whole search algorithm revolves around keywords or key phrases. When you employ an SEO provider, the first thing they’re doing is testing on keywords.

At its heart, keywords are nothing but terms and phrases used by consumers to search for an online product or service. There are several different types of keywords, but SEO consultants typically emphasize the use of three types. Here’s a look at the three most critical keyword forms for SEO success.

(1) Generic keywords

This sort of keyword is intended for a wide category of goods or services. Examples of generic keywords may be ‘men’s t-shirts’ and ‘SEO services.’ These words do not include precise information. For example, the keyword ‘men’s t-shirt’ encompasses all forms of men’s t-shirts, including printed shirts, cotton shirts and designer shirts. Owing to the wide region they occupy, rating for a common keyword may be very challenging. However, if you can rate with generic keywords, you are likely to push heavy traffic from the search results to your website.

(2) Broad match keyword

These keywords are more descriptive and much less competitive than common keywords. Visitors who discover your website using these keywords are more likely to shop from you and they know just what they’re looking for. Examples of big match keywords are ‘Blue t-shirts for guys’ and ‘SEO services in Malaysia.’

(3) Keywords for long tail

This sort of keyword term uses the same phrase that someone types while looking for an online product or service. For example, one might write, ‘What are the different types of blue t-shirts available for men? ‘This entire sentence can now be used as a long-tail keyword.


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